Accused Sexual Battery in Loudoun Virginia

Being accused of sexual battery in Loudoun Virginia means to face the serious sex crimes charges.  In this regard, many cases are filed against the sexual battery, some are wrongly accused while some have committed the crime. But if you are accused of sexual battery in Loudoun Virginia, the lawyers of the firm can fight your case to make your name clear and restoration of your reputation in the court and in the eyes of the world. On the other hand, the lawyers assist victims who became targets of the defendants. In this perspective, those accused of sexual battery in Loudoun Virginia commit the sex crime without the consent of innocent victims.  In this regard, the defendant is accused of certain charges, such as rape, abduction to commit sex forcibly and sexual battery crimes.

Sexual Battery Penalties in Virginia

The crimes which are charged under the umbrella of sex crimes impose long-term adverse effects on the life of a person and the other family members. An individual accused of sexual battery in Loudoun Virginia has to confront harsh punishments in form of 20 years of imprisonments and fine of $100,000 for the violent sexual battery offenses. The sexual battery crime is considered the most offensive crime because it registers the accused as a sex offender, expose him/her publically, and impose restrictions to access his own children. This makes it crucial to consult law firm to save the individual accused of sexual battery in Loudoun Virginia.  Moreover, the misdemeanour and felony sexual offences owe harsh penalties for various convictions.  In this regard, the third misdemeanour becomes six class felony, which requires punishment of up to 5 years of imprisonment. The law gets the chance to divert the attention of judges to look for the offender’s criminal history and his admittance when confronting the legal charges. If an offender’s charges are enhanced under aggravating circumstances, then there is no way out for the offender to face high misdemeanour battery offences similar to a felony offense. Moreover, sexual battery charges are also applied on the accused where an individual has a sexual intercourse with children at the age of 13 and 15 years old when the defendant committing a crime is more than 28 years old. The other penalties which make the sexual battery charges more offensive are adultery or sexual intercourse with defendant’s own child, rape, sexual harassment and adultery.  There are certain conditions, which allows the state to maximise the sentence when deals with aggravated sexual battery. It does not allow any suspension of sentence. This defendant faces when he has the previous record related to aggravated battery or felony sexual assaults.

Consult Loudoun crimes lawyer

To combat the false allegations against sexual battery charges, it is crucial to take the advice of legal expertise.  The lawyers of Loudoun firm has the ability to analyse the available evidence or statements of the witness against the accused. Moreover, the advice of their expert legal lawyers to remain careful when discussing the case with police officials. It is important because they may say something which can be harmful to the case. The law firm works hard to get the justice to the accused victim.