Domestic Violence Attorney Prince William

Domestic violence can be defined as an intimidating behavior or abuse by a partner, caregiver, family or society member that can cause fear or violence. It is not necessary that only physical abuse comes under the definition of domestic violence, but emotional, psychological, financial, or sexual assault also comes under domestic violence. If you are facing any abuse, assault, or intimidation in the surroundings of Prince William County, then you must immediately contact domestic violence attorney Prince William.

A domestic violence attorney Prince William will assist you legally not because you want to take lawful revenge from the one you are being abused, but it is your right to fight against your abuser to protect your dignity, respect and to save the whole humanity.

Individuals Who Can Be Involved In Domestic Violence

According to the legal definition, a domestic abuser can be anyone who is found to be involved in violence, physical, emotional, or mental torture, sexual assault, or forceful detention. The family or household members who could be domestic abuser are;

  • Spouse (regardless of residence)
  • Ex-spouse (regardless of residence)
  • In-laws (living in same house)
  • Co-habitants
  • Persons who have a common child (regardless of residence)

What Prince William Law states About Domestic Violence?

Virginia law section 18.2-57 is applicable in Prince William County to protect your rights against domestic violence. Although the statutory articles are much complex and typical, so only a domestic violence attorney Prince William can assist you in understanding the legal applications and clauses that best suit your case. According to the Va Code, the victims of domestic violence are protected through several legal protections and remedies including Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), Protective Orders, Civil Lawsuits, and Custody or Spousal Support Orders. The Prince William court reviews the background and the historical practices of both sides of the case so that the penalty and punishment could be applied according to the severity or validity of the case.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

The laws of Prince William County have a well-defined code of domestic violence according to which a domestic abuser will be categorized as Class 1 misdemeanor and will be sentenced by $2500 fine and with 12 months imprisonment. Moreover, if a person is found to be involved in three or more convictions within a period of 10 years, will be categorized as Class 6 felony and will be punished with five years of imprisonment. More severe criminal record of the offender can result in more severe penalties and would lead to a weaker defense.

What A Domestic Violence Attorney Prince William Can Do For You

If you are a victim of domestic violence, then you must consult with a domestic violence attorney Prince William so that you could understand your rights and lawful actions against your abuser. It is important to find a reliable and skillful domestic violence attorney Prince William because only a skilled and dedicated attorney can handle your case by listening and understanding the minute instincts of those abusing, assaulting or violent actions from which you have been suffering. He will stand by your side in every step of your case. Therefore you don’t have to be scared of your abuser because consulting a domestic violence attorney Prince William, you will be under the legal protection and nobody can harm you anymore.