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New York Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Defend Clients Against Domestic Abuse, Spousal Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Stalking & Child Abuse Charges In New York

Domestic violence is a crime.

Have you been charged with domestic violence in New York?

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse is usually defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family, friends or cohabitation.

Domestic violence can come in many different forms including physical aggression (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, throwing objects), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect).

How your case is handled may make all the difference in world as to how your life progresses from this potentially traumatic event. Don’t let someone who will not keep you informed as to the status of your case keep you in the dark. The relationship you have with your attorney during this very difficult period can have a substantial impact on your mental health. You need and deserve a lawyer who is looking out for you.

You want a lawyer who will take the time to sit down with you and explain the process and why a particular strategy is being used. You want a lawyer who will listen to you and keep your best interests at heart.

Are you facing a domestic violence charge in New York?

If you need help to defend yourself against a domestic violence charge in New York, then contact the SRIS Law Group Maryland, Massachusetts or New York criminal law defense lawyers for help.

How can a SRIS Law Group lawyer help you?

First and foremost, we will discuss your case with you. We will explain to you the different options you have and the pros and cons of each option. We do not require clients to come in and sit down and talk with us. Certainly, our clients are welcome to come in and talk with us. However, we understand that clients are very busy and may not have the time to come to the office. Therefore, we allow clients to consult with us by phone first and let the clients decide whether they need to come in and meet with their attorney. To learn more about how a SRIS Law Group can help you, please call us at 888-437-7747 and speak with a lawyer the same day.

Our New York domestic violence defense attorneys will do their best to help you.

  • New York Penal Code § 265.25 Certain wounds to be reported.

Every  case of a bullet wound, gunshot wound, powder burn or any other  injury arising from or caused by the discharge of a gun or firearm,  and every  case  of a wound which is likely to or may result in death and is actually or apparently inflicted by a knife, icepick or other  sharp  or pointed  instrument, shall be reported at once to the police authorities of the city, town or village where the person reporting is  located  by: (a)  the  physician  attending or treating the case; or (b) the manager,  superintendent or other person in charge, whenever such case is  treated  in  a  hospital,  sanitarium  or other institution. Failure to make such  report is a class A misdemeanor. This subdivision  shall  not  apply  to  such  wounds, burns or injuries received by a member of the armed forces  of the United States or the state of  New  York  while  engaged  in  the  actual performance of duty.

  • New York penal code § 265.26 Burn injury and wounds to be reported.

Every  case  of  a  burn  injury  or wound, where the victim sustained  second or third degree burns to five percent or more of the body  and/or  any  burns  to the upper respiratory tract or laryngeal edema due to the  inhalation of super-heated air, and every case of a burn injury or wound  which is likely to or may result in death, shall be reported at once  to  the  office of fire prevention and control. The state fire administrator  shall accept the report and notify the proper  investigatory  agency.  A  written  report  shall also be provided to the office of fire prevention  and control within seventy-two hours. The report shall be  made  by  (a)  the  physician  attending  or  treating  the  case;  or (b) the manager,  superintendent or other person in charge, whenever such case is  treated  in a hospital, sanitarium, institution or other medical facility.    The intentional failure to make such report is a class A misdemeanor

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Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Suffolk County, Bronx County, Nassau County, Westchester County, Erie County, Monroe County, Richmond County, Onondaga County, Orange County, Albany County, Dutchess County, Rockland County, Oneida County, Niagara County, Saratoga County, Broome County, Ulster County, Rensselaer County, Schenectady County, Chautauqua County, Oswego County, Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, Ontario County, Putnam County, Tompkins County, Steuben County, Wayne County, Chemung County, Clinton County, Cattaraugus County, Cayuga County, Sullivan County, Madison County, Warren County, Livingston County, Washington County, Herkimer County, Columbia County, Otsego County, Genesee County, Fulton County, Chenango County, Tioga County, Franklin County, Allegany County.