Failure to Obey a Highway sign Virginia Cost

Prepaid Counter List

For each of the offenses listed below, the defendant may enter in writing, prosecution, punishment and advance payment of fines and prices. For crimes not shown below, listening to the court is essential.

This instruction is done uniformly in Virginia, and the employee or peacekeeper may apply the first rate while not accepting prepayments. If the case is not prepaid and there is a court hearing, this instruction will no longer limit the amount of satisfaction.

Law offices of SRIS P.C. call  at  888-437-7747 if your rates are not listed below. Some site visitors can not pay for their DWI costs, careless driving and driving licenses. Many of the cost of fraud cannot be prepaid.

The following generally includes administrative costs / processing costs, which should be fully paid for a free marriage price tag. If you have received several tickets, please charge 51 times for each visitor’s summons after the first time and deduct sixty-one ($61) dollars for each criminal subpoena after the first one.

To generalize the general, apply the correct division using the online price device. More information is available on the Pay A Fine page.

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Code Description Total

3-four.Four No City / Town / City Toys for $ 117

3-4.Four could not place a dog for a dog city / city / city for $ 117

3-4.4 Non-vaccination of dogs or cats against rabbits $ 127 with proof of vaccination

Three dog dogs are on the move with $ 127 without any restrictions

4-1-308 Drinking in public $ 117

5-1-1 Drinking in public $ 117

5-1-1 curse or public oath $ 117

9-7 Failure to pay full time and attention $ ninety seven

9-68 none or lent Vienna City is $ 87

Drinking 10-34 in public at $ 117

18.2-125 Shooting at a cemetery at $ 127 a night

18.2-128 Trespass College or church property is $ 127

18.2-159 Trespass Road Railroad is $ 127

18.2-322 General thinking $ 107

18.2-323.1 Drinking at a hire for $ 127

18.2-388 Drunken in public 117 dollars

18.2-388 curse or public oath $ 117

18.2-416 Use abusive language for every other $ 152

18.2-504.1 An alternate illegal name $ 152

29.1-335 Unlicensed fishing $ 170 with proof of legitimate fishing licenses

29.1-530.1 The disappearance of Orange Orange was $ 117

29.1-702 (A) Unregistered for $ 167

29.1-703 Registration of the remaining boat is $ 117

29.1-735 (C) Use a ship with an additional safety tool that costs $ 127

33.2-501 Driving with violations of line HOV line $ 192

33.2-501 Driving in violation of line HOV 2d line limit of $ 317

33.2-501 Driving in violation of HOV line 3 Crime charges $ 567

33.2-501 Driving in violation of the HOV 4 line limits $ 1067

41.1-2-1 Non-vaccination of a dog or cat in opposition to Harris $ 127 with proof of vaccination

41.1-2-2 No Texas city / city / city 117 dollars

41.1-2-2 You can not have a dog-dog city / town / city tag for $ 117

41.1-2-4 Walking dogs at $ 127 or no limit

Forty two 156 156 Blocking an intersection of $ 97

Forty two 333 have no Herndon Town label or label or an invalid $ 117

42 Eighth failure to pay all the time and attention of $ 97

42-9 Lack of control of the car control $ 97

46-16 drunk in public $ 117

46.2-104 No license or registration is $ 77

forty six. 2-111 Non-use of the right warning device while the car is inactive on the highway: The trailer of the truck trailer or the cell house is 87 dollars

46.2-111 Fluid Fluid Fluid Fluid $ 87

46.2-111 The lack of use of purple flags when the car was disabled was $ 87

forty six. 2-600 Not receiving $ 92 registration

46.2-613 The car is not authorized Register reassignment license / OL now has no $ ninety two dollars

46.2-646 Registration period is $ 92

Forty six.2.711 Not showing license number 92

46.2-715 Incorrect display of license number $ 92

Forty sixty sixty sixty sixty ninety unlimited registration

forty six. 2-800.1. An unauthorized ride on the road has a side effect of about ninety-seven

forty six. 2-802 Lack of power in the legal aspect of the highway 167

Forty sixty-two – 803 Losing frustration at crossing the highway intersection for ninety-nine

46.2-803 Insecure Failure to Maintain Appropriate Highway Intersection in Appropriate Railway Via Nine-Seven

46.2-804 (1) Failure to speed at an approximate speed for lines where the vehicle is moving on a highway where the line of “visitors to the site” moves slowly is $ 167