Henrico Virginia Rape Defense Lawyer

When you are dealing with rape, you could potentially face up to life in prison. With high stakes going into these types of cases, you will want a weathered Henrico rape lawyer on your side who has studied and practiced law for years. When looking for a seasoned criminal defense attorney, you should seek out a Henrico rape attorney who is in and out of court all the time, who is well-versed with the process. He must be knowledgeable about the tendencies particular local judges have regarding the verdicts.

While receiving charges for rape can be a daunting experience. You do not have to face them alone. An aggressive Henrico sexual assault attorney can create an expert defense on your behalf while acting as a fierce advocate for your innocence. Read on to learn how a reliable Henrico rape lawyer can make a difference in your case.

Differences between Sexual Battery and Sexual Assault:

Any sexual assault is considered rape under the Virginia Code. While sexual battery is a class one misdemeanor, rape is a felony. Sexual battery carries up to one year in jail as a maximum penalty, while rape can carry up to a life’s sentence. The big difference between sexual assault and rape is that a rape involves penetration, whereas an act of sexual assault includes unwanted touching of one’s intimate parts on top of or beneath the clothing.

How an Individual Can be Charged with Rape in Henrico:

  • Standard Rape: The main way you can be charged with rape is through a sexual act involving threat, force, or intimidation.
  • Statutory Rape: It is a situation where you have sexual intercourse with someone who is under the age of 15. Even if you both claim to be in a consenting relationship, Henrico Virginia law deems anyone under the age of 15 as unable to give their consent, making any sexual acts with these individuals a form of rape.
  • Date Rape: It can be defined as unwanted sexual intercourse with someone who cannot give consent. In this situation, you force yourself upon another and have intercourse with them while they are unconscious or incapacitated.
  • Marital Rape: Marital rape includes a situation of forcible, non-consensual intercourse that occurs between two married individuals.

Penalties for Rape:

Penalties for rape can vary from a few years in jail to an entire life’s sentence in prison. With the stigma of such a conviction comes extremely high fines and a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender. Besides long term incarceration, a conviction could result in the loss of one’s current employment.

A knowledgeable Henrico rape attorney can advise you in the ways that you should operate and maneuver from the time that you are accused of rape (whether it be just an accusation or an actual charge) to the instant the case is finished. They can tell you what to do, where to go, and teach you how to acquire information. An attorney can help decide whether to set the case for a judge or a jury trial, determine what moves to make, and place you in the best possible position to be acquitted of your particular charge. If you are facing rape charges in the city of Henrico call a dedicated Henrico rape lawyer today to help you take the next best steps for your case.