How to lower a reckless driving charge in Petersburg VA?

Petersburg is an independent county of commonwealth of Virginia, but it follows same rules as that of rest of Virginia. Under the light of Virginia law, traffic violation is considered to be an offense of substantial illegitimacy, ultimately enforcing strict penalties on the accused. Reckless driving is considered to be more dangerous as compared to that of over speeding, improper or careless driving. However, people usually get confused with all these terms. Any individual when enforces engine of a vehicle to a speed that exceeds the prescribed speed limit is known as over speeding while in case of reckless driving an individual drives rashly, endangering the lives and property in the surroundings.

In case of over speeding a traffic ticket of worth $6 is charged to the driver. The cost charged depends upon the miles travelled by the accused. Apart from this basic cost, court costs are also charged to the accused, which in actual makes up a  total fine of $141 which has to be paid by the accused at any cost. However, penalties imposed in case of reckless driving are completely different and stricter than that of over speeding or improper driving. Any individual found guilty of reckless driving is convicted to the category of class 1 misdemeanor in which a person is penalized with the following severe penalties:

  1. Driving record of the guilty is charged with 6 DMV points. These points remain on his or her driving record for eleven sequential months;
  2. Driver is imprisoned for a time period of six months or for a tenure of twelve months;
  3. Driver is charged with a fine of up to $2500;
  4. Driver’s license is suspended for a particular time frame, depending upon the complexity of the offense.

Traffic violation charges can have adverse effects on an individual’s life prospects; both mentally as well as physically. However, they can be lowered to a significant level. For this purpose offender has to proclaim in the court that even though he or she has committed the offense, but no one was at harm. This cannot be done without help of a legal attorney or a prosecutor, as you cannot deal with legal suites and police officers alone. In order to help you out in such circumstances SRIS Law Group is here!

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