Improper driving in Hanover Virginia

Hanover is an independent county of Virginia that falls under the category of Commonwealth of Virginia. State government has defined more or less same rules and code of conduct for each county of Commonwealth. However, amendments can be made by the court in case of a special issues. Traffic violation are considered to be a serious crime all around Virginia, that is why strict rules and regulations have been designed by the government in order to avoid any chaos and haphazard around the town.

Reckless driving is considered to be the most dangerous and serious of all traffic offenses committed even more hazardous than that of careless or heedless driving. Any individual found guilty of driving rashly with a speed approaching to 80mph on the streets of commonwealth is subjected to a reckless driving charge. It is considered to be the most serious of all as property and people around in such circumstances are vulnerable to great risk. Every individual found guilty falls under the category of class 1 misdemeanor where following punishments are imposed on the guilty:

  • Guilty is sentenced an imprisonment for a particular time frame of probably six months or twelve months, depending upon the complexity of the case;
  • Guilty is charged with a heavy fine of up to $2500 by the court;
  • Guilty has to bear suspension of his or her driving license for a particular period of time;
  • Guilty is marked with 6 DMV points on his or her driving license where they stay for eleven sequential years.

Mentioned postulates depict that severe penalties are imposed in case of reckless driving in Hanover Virginia, however the charge can be lowered with the help of a prosecutor. For this purpose one has to argue against the court decisions by proclaiming that even though he or she was driving recklessly, but it was not harmful for the surroundings. If approved, it will reduce an accused’s charge to ‘an improper driving’ charge which in actual is considered to be a light or less strict charge than that of reckless driving. In case of improper driving following penalties are imposed on accused:

  • Guilty is sentenced with a fine of up to $500;
  • Guilty is charged with three DMV points on the driving license, these points stay there for three consecutive years;
  • Guilty is con considered eligible for imprisonment by the court;
  • Guilty is not enforced to an imprisonment.

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