Reckless Driving Fines in Chesterfield Virginia

The Judicial Department of Chesterfield Virginia had unveiled photographs in which several people were cleaning streets, running cars at gas stations and were engaged in other public works. The five people who are the protagonists of the photo are people caught in respect of reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia. The first defendant was found guilty of endangering the lives of other road users and refused to comply with police orders. In addition to this, he was found in violation of driving without a license. Although driving without a license, even for the first time can result in a fine that may go up to $1500, along with chances of imprisonment in case of second violation, this individual was sentenced to three months of public work.

With respect to reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia, two individuals were in danger of their own lives, when one of them deliberately crashed into the car of the second participant in the incident. If any person is arrested and convicted, the respective person should contact our reckless driving lawyers who can provide legal guidance and assist you in your case.

Reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia resulting from intoxication, the legal basis for imposing administrative suspension is the law on the implicit consent of Texas. The issues discussed at the hearing on administrative suspension include whether the policeman has complied with Virginia’s implicit consent law to breathe or blood sample of the individual. If the processor refused to give a breath or a blood sample or if his sample did not pass the analysis and recorded an alcohol concentration of 0, 8 or more, then further investigation is required to be performed. Administrative suspension is automatic unless the person requests in writing a hearing of his challenge not later than fifteen days after receiving notice of the suspension of the unit that arrested him in a form approved by the Department of Public Safety of the State of Virginia.

According to our statistics regarding reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia, the penalty for speaking on the phone while driving is quite a rare phenomenon, as it is difficult to prove the fact. According to our lawyers and legal advisors, the evidence of a violation of the applicable code pertaining to traffic rules is photo and video materials, and the testimony of witnesses. On the video from the camera installed on the patrol car, it should be clearly visible that the driver is holding the phone in his hand while driving.

For ensuring that reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia are imposed on individuals under violation, the inspector can find a passerby who will testify to the fact of the conversation during the movement. One of the tricks of the respective authority is to attract a previous offender by providing him with a warning instead of a penalty for cooperation if he gives the necessary testimony. Another form of proof is the printout of phone calls taken by the officer in charge at the mobile operator. As a rule, the inspector resorts to this method of proof when the violators refuse to acknowledge the fact of violation. If you witnessed reckless driving fines in Chesterfield Virginia, then you may call us at 888-437-7747; and we will fight on behalf of you and assist you.