Reckless Driving Warren Virginia Punishment

Consequences of Conviction

Under certain situations, a reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment is considered a misdemeanor of Class 1. It is considered one of the serious type of misdemeanor with certain penalties that are deemed severe. The offender might have to face a jail sentence for reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment that might lead to a year in jail. In addition, the person accused of reckless driving can also be fined up to $2,500 under the Code of Virginia. There are different consequences faced by the accused individuals. Some of these include getting demerit points on the license that stay in the record for a long period that lasts for 11 years. Similarly, another significant consequence that might be faced by the person accused of reckless driving is the suspension of license. There would likely be increased rates of car insurance after a conviction for reckless driving. Moreover, the respective person would have to contend with a criminal record that can affect the ability of a person for getting a job, maintain or obtain a security clearance, or rent an apartment.

Possible Defenses

There are numerous ways, which might be used by an attorney with experience related to providing advice for the defense of reckless driving charges. The respective attorney will help the accused person if he/she has been charged with speeding. Most of the persons are those who challenge the speeding ticket basis itself through questioning the way. It is very important to be aware of all the minor details that are necessary to be known to a person who is charged with reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment. The way such defenses work are made available for all the officers as well as for the attorneys so that they can use it for protecting the rights of those accused individuals who are charged for recklessly driving the motor vehicle.

If the person accused of reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment finds that the speed reading of the officer is not correct, he/she can challenge the respective reading of the officer through considering the technical aspects. These aspects include pacing, LIDAR or radar results, and speedometer calibration.

  • Speedometer calibration: When it is showed by a person that the speedometer of the car is not functioning properly, this point can be used by the respective person for making the basis that the charge for reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment should be reduced as the vehicle’s speedometer was not working properly. But for this purpose, there is a certified mechanic required who can show that speedometer.
  • LIDAR or Radar results: If the accused person has found that there are any particular problems with the documentation, calibration, readings, or LIDAR/radar results’ documentation. Such a person is provided the defense for any speed charge that is imposed on him/her for reckless driving.
  • Pacing: A particular method of examining the speed, that is not exact, and that can throw the calculation of the officer and open up a possible defense to the charge is known as pacing.

It can be said that for reckless driving Warren Virginia punishment there are several defenses provided that can be used by the respective person who is charged with the offence of Class 1 misdemeanor.