Traffic Ticket in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA is the third main city in the metro area and the leading in the nation without a public transportation system. They also host several sporting events, music performances and many other attractions which means having a lot of drivers. And the Arlington police try to keep pace by issuing lots of traffic ticket. They also have a large and very active jail. If you don’t handle your Arlington, VA traffic ticket, there’s a chance you’ll see the inside of their jail. We can help keep that from happening.

Virginia has some of the severest traffic laws in the country.  If you were cited for speeding or, a traffic lawyer Arlington VA can help you determine the best possible course of action, based on the speed and other justifying circumstances. The process of paying driving ticket in Arlington, VA indicates that drivers surrender their right to a court hearing and beg guilty to the traffic violation in question. Paying off a traffic ticket in Arlington, VA seems like a very simple solution but it comes with several consequence that only a traffic ticket lawyer can handle. Most of the individual choose to pay their traffic ticket in order to avoid going to the court. Though, it can often pay off to fight your traffic ticket, especially considering the fines and penalties related with a ticket.

Traffic Ticket Convictions in Arlington, VA

To better comprehend the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, it helps to know the possible penalties of a traffic violation conviction.

In Virginia, a traffic ticket violation can lead to:

  • Points on your driving record.
  • Driver’s license suspension.
  • A rise in car insurance rates.

After receiving an Arlington, VA traffic ticket, you only have a few days to either pay the ticket or set it for a court hearing. If you fail to do either, an Arlington ticket warrant for your custody will be delivered. In that event, you cannot resolve that traffic ticket with the court unless:

  1. Pay the maximum amount for ticket
  2. Post a cash bond equal to maximum fine and court costs.

In addition to having to pay a fine, the VA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) might also add points in your driving record. Points vary from 3 points to 6 points dependent on the type of violation you committed, and stay on your record for 2 years.