Types of Robbery charges in Virginia

What is robbery

Robbery is the delinquency in which someone appropriates something from another using violence or intimidation in people or force in things (like breaking a window). If the appropriation of something from another is done without violence, intimidation or force in things, it is theft.

An individual is the culprit of robbery with violence or intimidation in people, whether violence or intimidation takes place before the robbery to facilitate its execution, in the act of committing it or after committing it to favor their impunity, will be punished with variable penalties, according to the magnitude of the damage produced. The most serious cases are robbery with homicide and robbery with rape.

  • Penalty:

The penalty of imprisonment in its maximum degree will be applied to simple perpetual imprisonment when, along with the robbery, castration of the victim takes place; the mutilation of a limb or injuries that leave the victim insane, useless for work, impotent, impeded by an important or notably deformed member. The penalty of simple perpetual imprisonment differs from the perpetual qualified prison in which the condemned could request his conditional release after 20 years of effective compliance.

Types of robbery charges

In the event that any individual submit burglary by incomplete strangulation, or suffocation, or by striking or beating, or by another savagery to the individual, or by ambush or generally putting a man in dread of genuine real mischief, or by the risk or introducing of guns or other dangerous weapon or instrumentality at all, he will be liable of a crime and will be rebuffed by control in a state remedial office forever or any term at least five years.

  • Car Jacking:

any individual who submits carjacking, as thus characterized, will be blameworthy of a lawful offense deserving of detainment forever or a term at the very least fifteen years behind bars.

Degrees of Robbery charges

  • 2nd Degree:

On the off chance that in the commission of a theft, you put the supposed unfortunate casualty in dread of real damage or on the off chance that you utilize a medication, electronic stun, or other such intends to impair the person in question incidentally, you could be accused of 2nd-degree robbery.

A conviction of this offense conveys 5 to 18 years in jail.

  • 1st Degree:

On the off chance that you either utilize brutality against the person in question or debilitate dangerous power with the nearness of a weapon, you could confront the more genuine first-degree robbery allegation. On the other chance that you are indicted for this charge, you could be sentenced to 10 years to life in jail.

Other crimes associated with Robbery:


if a man slaughters somebody in an “intentional, intentional, and planned” way while submitting a robbery or endeavored theft, it’s named capital homicide and culpable as a Class 1 felony.


On the other chance that a man goes into a house with the goal to submit certain crimes, including theft, they’re blameworthy of statutory Bulgary, which is a Class 3 lawful offense on the off chance that they didn’t have a savage weapon and a Class 2 lawful offense if they did.