What is the penalty for first offense DUI in Fairfax VA

Penalty for first offense DUI

In Fairfax City ONLY

The main punishment for the first DWI offense in Fairfax County, starting with the fines:

$ 600 FINE with $ 300 suspended ($ 300 and traditional court fees $ 172.00).

The mandatory quality of $ 250 is minimal, which can not be suspended through the court.

The first one for DUI 1 or 2D is $ 2500.00.


The DWI at Fairfax usually involves 30-60 days in jail, typically for first offenders who have been behaved in a correct manner and suspended in accordance with other conditions, and the magnificence and effects of the ASAP (Maximum Prison for Mass 1 or 2D DUI is one year)

Note: Incident and high / blood events / blood Take regular cases of imprisonment, even for the first DUI offense. .15 The BAC requires five days of compulsory imprisonment and .21 BAC is required for 10 days for prison time. Mandatory time can not be suspended.

The one-year suspension is mandatory for the first DUI

a driving license is limited (within the jurisdiction of the court) which allows riding to and from painting, college, and the ASAP program; is also authorized to dispatch, for the purpose of visiting and accepting children for daily care. Accidents, dribbling excessive breathing, or various elements can delay limited license approvals.

  1. Any other use makes driving a suspended license, some of the extreme crimes of crime, but also makes the suspension and imprisonment time of the unique DUI offense.
  2. Driving licenses in a suspended license after the suspension of the DUI will also result in additional fines, imprisonment, and an additional 12-month suspension of suspension; within such an offense, no limit will be available using privileges for a full year.

ASAP program requirement

Compulsory participation in the Alcohol Safety Program (WASP) in Virginia:

a $ 450.00 program price, payable in instalments.

  1. The application lasts 10 weeks, depending on hours or classes of your class, weekly, nights, Saturday, or daily.
  2. Transfer to any other city or country can be available.
  3. Failure to complete the program (or lack of classes, arrest, massive alcohol checks, pills, etc.) will result in a return to the court so that it may condemn the suspended and / or imprisoned fines and, likewise, cancel Riding privileges.

In general, your first DUI rate can be considered a misdemeanour, and you will be punished with fines, network operator, license suspension and viable probation. However, other factors may interchange the level or nature of their price as a result of higher sentences or penalties. For example, if you have an open container in your car, you could be charged with a misdemeanour, however, your large or mandatory jail sentence will be accelerated. If a child became present inside the car, even while driving, some states will elevate their misdemeanour charge to a prison offense, even if they have not in any way had prior experience under the influence of the conviction for driving alcohol.

In addition to the criminal nature of a DUI, each DUI has an administrative detail that can be as painful as the charge itself. For example, before being convicted, some states will mechanically suspend your license in case you refuse to provide a breath, take a look. This suspension of the license is a separate suspension from the only one that comes after a conviction for DUI.